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why Pawie?

Hi, I'm Natalia, a happy Londoner, a photographer and (more importantly!) the owner of Jay D, the Tibetan Terrier. I've enjoyed photography long before this happy little ball of fur came into my life, but he surely catalysed my desire to photograph pets. From the moment I saw him and to this day I just can't take my eyes of him, can't stop smiling and wishing there was someone there every minute of every day to capture our fun! Having a camera myself, I just could not give up a second of cuddles, play or training with Jay. I can not look away, not mentioning dancing around my little pup, desperately trying to frame him perfectly. Yes, I've been there too - tonnes of pictures on the phone, but none of them seem good enough to end up on a mug or that amazing couch pillow... (Oh, stop it, never in my life I would have imagined myself getting a mug with a picture of my dog ... but look how cute he is!)

Anyway :)  I know how you feel. Let's just get you some amazing pictures with your little one. Drop me a note. Easy!



Wow! You are a star! This is so worth of a page in history! Let me be there for you every step of the way. From your visit to the shelter and to the day you come home together - for the first time and for years to come.

Whether you choose a photobook, a video-story or a few nice prints - it is going to be legendary!


They grow up sooooo fast... Yesterday this ball of fur could barely walk, but today she finally jumped on top of your desk and tore that very important paper apart... Awhh! Never miss a moment again! Book a series of short shootings at your place or in the nearby park. You pick the time, pets pick their mood, we make a photo-book out of it!



Are you a trainer, groomer, dog walker or cat sitter? AMAZING! Isn't this like the best job ever? Oh, yes, I know it is. Let's get in touch and stick together! I will be over the  moon to help with your online portfolio. You know what? How about a video-profile? Go-go, drop me a line! Let's get creative!



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